Jeep drops pricing for its 2021 Grand Cherokee L full-size SUV

Starting at $36,995 in the US and C$52,495 in Canada.

Jeep has released pricing for its new 2021 Grand Cherokee L arriving spring, starting at $36,995 in the US and C$52,495 in Canada for the entry-level Laredo model, topping out at $65,290 and C$81,985 for the top Summit Reserve V8 model with 4×4 (pictured above). Add another $1,695 and C$1,895, respectively, for destination charge. 

The big 3-row SUV will come in 4 models across North America, including Laredo, Limited, Overland and Summit. Note that 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrains are available in the US, while the single 4×4 is equipped standard in Canada. 

MSRP as follows (excluding any extra charges, fees, tax):

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Model:US MSRP:Canada MSRP (C$):
Laredo$36,995 (4×2 V6) $38,995 (4×4 V6)$52,495 (4×4 V6)
Altitude$40,195 (4×2 V6) $42,195 (4×4 V6)$55,490 (4×4 V6)
Limited$43,995 (4×2 V6) $45,995 (4×4 V6)$59,995 (4×4 V6)
Overland$52,995 (4×2 V6) $54,995 (4×4 V6) $58,290 (4×4 V8)$68,995 (4×4 V6) $72,490 (4×4 V8)
Summit$56,995 (4×2 V6) $58,995 (4×4 V6) $62,290 (4×4 V8)$74,495 (4×4 V6) $77,990 (4×4 V8)
Summit Reserve$61,995 (4×4 V6) $65,290 (4×4 V8)$78,490 (4×4 V6) $81,985 (4×4 V8)
Pricing excludes Add another $1,695 and C$1,895 destination charge.

There’s no doubt the new 2021 Grand Cherokee L sides on the more luxurious end of the SUV scale, where Jeep has essentially added a 3rd-row to its popular Grand Cherokee, placing it in the full-size SUV category for the first time. 

2021-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-L-Summit-Reserve interior
2021 Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve Interior. Photo: Jeep

This premium look is abundantly evident once you step inside the L’s upscale cabin which gains features and technologies that Jeep is stating make it a stand out in the full-size SUV segment. One standout features is the McIntosh audio and Jeep partnership — the first time the luxury audio company has provided hardware to a production vehicle. 

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