The 760hp X-Raid by Ares Design is a G-Wagon Reimagined

Lighter and more powerful than the conventional G63, the X-Raid by Italian-based Ares Design is a retuned G-Wagon reaching 250km/hr

Spearheaded by ex-Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, the coachbuilding company Ares Design based in Modena, Italy took a G63 AMG and reworked it with their own carbon-fiber and aluminum bodywork; replacing the boxy shape with a more curvy rendition, taking cues from the current Mercedes design language.


With a top speed rated at 250km/h (155mph), the builder states that thanks to the new composite body, the X-Raid is 200kg (440lbs) lighter than the normal G63 while the 5.5-liter V8 has been tuned to deliver 760hp.

The cabin

ares design x raid g63 suv cabin

The cabin inside this reimagined G-Wagon gets a redesigned dashboard which aims to give the X-Raid a less utilitarian, more luxurious look and feel along with two VIP seats in the rear that are separated by a center console/armrest. Everything is covered with the usual high-end materials, including Nappa leather and lots of carbon fiber trim.

Working out of their new 18,000-square-meter facility in Modena, Ares Design is planning to release another anticipated creation: a 2-door version of the Bentley Mulsanne.

X-Raid Price

While official details haven’t been released, the pricing of the X-Raid based on reports suggest it could reach close to US$700,000 for this G-Wagon creation.

Check out Ares Design for more of their work.

ares design x raid g63 suv front