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1989 Batmobile Blueprints Provide Inside Look

The Robert Lattin Designed, Michael Keaton Approved 1989 Batmobile Blueprints

batman-batmobile-blueprintsEveryone at some point has thought about being a superhero and performing superhero tasks. But, everyone knows that no superhero is complete without owning an awesome vehicle to drive.

Enter the blueprints to the infamous Batmobile. Yes, the same Batmobile that was designed by Robert Lattin and driven by Batman everywhere in the Tim Burton franchise. 

The Designs Reveal What Batman Got to Experience

You can own the inner details of Batman’s infamous ride. If you look closely you will be able to see all the extraordinary components of the Batmobile. With a blast proof windshield, jet engine, thruster panels, machine gun, and more; there’s no end to what the Batmobile can do. Except, hold your drink since there are no cup holders. But, who has time for a drink when they’re fighting crime everyday anyway.

Although you won’t be able to build your own Batmobile from the information on these blueprints you will be able to tell the dimensions of each piece. If you are an avid Batman fan you can see various blueprints hanging on the walls of Batman’s lair and other places in multiple Batman movies. They always show the general idea and layout of the Batmobile, but rarely give instructions or full details.

You won’t be able to build your own Batmobile from scratch with these blueprints. But hey, your kind of one step close. Kind of. 


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