The Bowlus Road Chief: A Luxury Hotel Room on Wheels

Starting at $137,000 US, the Bowlus Road Chief pretty much comes with it all.

The old silver bullet style camper has been redesigned into a luxury hotel room on wheels. The Bowles Road Chief is full of high class amenities all packed into a 20-ft camper. Get ready to go vacationing, the Road Chief comes with it all. With its own clean water tank and solar panel there is no need to settle for over used and under maintained RV parks. Camp it on the beach for the day with the solar panels out, and relax in cool style with the built in AC at night.


The road chief is hand crafted and hand built in Ventura, California. Rest assured each of those 5,000 rivets have been hand-bucked and the entire thing in trimmed out in authentic materials such as aluminum, brass, and birch complimented by top-of-the-line fabrics chosen for their durability and ultimate comfort. For $1,500 you can reserve your very own Road Chief and be put on Bowlus’ waiting list for one of these premium campers. When your turn comes they will contact you to finalize all custom selections and decide on payment options. The Bowlus Road Chief will ultimately set you back a swift $100,000.

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The-Bowlus-Road-Chief-2 The-Bowlus-Road-Chief

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