Improve rear visibility with a motorcycle helmet brake light

Brake Free is an ultra bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle's visibility.

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Considering two wheelers aren’t quite as forgiving as the four-wheeled cocoons most humans drive around in, motorcyclists can’t be too careful when it comes to visibility. The Brake Free Motorcycle Smart Brake Light improves your rear visibility at all times while you’re riding, and especially while braking (and at risk for being rear-ended). Mount one to the back of your existing helmet with powerful neodymium magnets (and adhesive mounts) to get eye-level LEDs that glow constantly, day and night, and that turn on with a glove-friends button. When you slow down, whether by actually braking or via engine braking, an accelerometer and gyroscope inside makes the Brake Free glow even brighter to warn drivers behind you, while sudden emergency braking triggers an attention-grabbing special light pattern instead. It’s also weather resistant, lasts for over eight continuous hours per charge, and shines even brighter than most motorcycle brake lights do. Brake Free is currently priced under $200 but sold out at time of writing. Learn more at