The Classic American Dream Trailer and Row Boat Combo

A trailer and boat combo that totally makes sense.

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Boating is often an essential part of the camping experience for many, but hauling a boat and trailer together can be challenge for most families. See that roof on the the Classic American Dream Trailer? That’s right, it’s a boat. Sitting on a 4’x8′ frame is a row boat integrated into the teardrop design of of this simple yet ingenious trailer by The American Dream Trailer Company based in the US. The 650-pound fiberglass trailer and boat combo is easy to move, tow, and row according to the builder. Secured by five hood latches the boat stays in place while the secondary roof keeps gear dry when removed. Sleeping two, the the Classic American Dream Trailer offers a cooking and storage galley in the rear via a 2’x3′ table that pops open. Fully customizable, this retro-inspired beauty goes for $8,900.