Dom Toretto’s Badass Dogde Charger R/T Comes to Life with this 1,077-piece Lego Set

Moving pistons and nitrous bottles a nice touch

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Fans of the Fast & Furious movie series will definitely remember Dom Toretto’s badass, jet black 1970 Dodge Charger R/T going up against all those Japanese tuner cars. Good news: now you can own your own for that vacant spot on the fireplace mantle, thanks to Lego. Part of the TECHNIC series, the 1077-piece Dom’s Dodge Charger set is currently available for pre-order for $99 with shipments starting April 27, 2020. But you don’t need to be Vin Diesel fan to appreciate Lego’s latest classic muscle car featuring a moving wishbone suspension and pistons, a burly air blower, and proper steering system. Sitting 4-inches high and 6-inches wide, Dom’s beast will measure 15-inches long when complete, and comes with a stand to prop the Charger up in that famous wheelstand pose when completed. If you’re more of a classic Mustang fan, Lego recently released this 1967 Fastback. Few other features we’re digging are the pair of nitrous bottles in the rear and those massive wheels to handle all 390 horses from the V8 powerplant. Item number 42111, the Dom’s Dodge Charger Lego set is for ages 10+ but we know who the real buyers are, Dad. Learn more at Lego’s site here. 

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