Newron Motors’ Wood-Accented Cruiser Takes Electric Motorcycles to a New Level

Sculpted & Timeless

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We’ve seen our share of electric motorcycles over the years but nothing like the Newron Motors EV-1 Wood Motorcycle. 

Back in 2016, two former aeronautical engineers started the company with the goal to “build a sculpted and timeless masterpiece mixing pure design with technological performance.” Hard to deny they haven’t kept their word upon laying our eyes on the imaginative and progressive EV-1. 

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All-Electric motorcycle cruiser accented with real wood

Part futuristic EV bike, part Grandma’s coffee table (and we mean that as a compliment!), the EV-1 Motorcycle is made to order and Newron Motors will customize it as well. This includes features like specific fairing colours, front or centre footrests, and an available passenger seat you plan on bringing along a friend. 

EV-1 Electric Cruiser Motorcycle by Newron Motors top rear view

Expect premium wood here, including Oak, Cedar, Ebony, or White Ash — all tastefully integrated for a sophisticated design unlike any most of the other electric motorcycles on the market taking on a more utility, often stealthier look. 

A long range electric motorcycle?

Cruisers are made for, well, cruising — so range is extra important here. Flossing a low seat height and comfortable ride position for those long treks, the EV-1 chassis links the front end to the rear end through a structural 350 V high voltage and high power density battery pack offering enough power to drive up to 300 km in city mode.

If cafe racers are more your thing, definitely check out the all-electric Arc Vector.

This stunner will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, hitting a top speed of 220 km/h. All riding on lightweight carbon rims paired to a stellar ABS braking system build in partnership with Beringer Brakes — a well-know France-based company famous for their stopping assemblies. 

Below, a closer look at this bike’s specs and dimensions:

EV-1 Electric Cruiser Motorcycle by Newron Motors specs

Charging duties

Charging duties are fairly fast. When plugged into a DC fast charge station, the CCS plug charges 80 % of the battery in 40 minutes when hitting the open road quickly is imperative. 

For home charging equipped with a IEC Type 2 plug with the standard 3 kW On Board Charger, 5 hours will do it. Or 2.5 hours with the 7 kW charger. 

The Newron Motors EV-1 keeps rider and bike connected via smartphone and Newron’s app equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. 

Price and availability

Hitting the market sometime in 2021, the company is making 12 EV-1 units available now via preorder with an approximately $2,200 deposit (2,000 €, to be exact). The final price? 60,000 € including VAT, about $65,000 in US dollars — but this finally tally may change depending on options chosen. All we know is, you better like wood. We do. 

Learn more at Newron Motors site here.

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