Gibbs Quadski XL: A New Level of All-Terrain

The Gibbs Quadski XL is definitely not your typical ATV – and that’s the whole point

​Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc. has come out with one of the most unique outdoor adventure vehicles in recent history. It is somewhat a reminder of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the car that could travel by land, sea, or air. The difference is that the Quadski XL doesn’t fly and has a much sleeker design than good old Chitty did. The Quadski takes the term “all-terrain vehicle” to the next level with its ingenious approach to outdoor activities; no more hauling jet skis and your ATV to the lake for a fun filled weekend with family and friends, now you just need to take one (or two) of these with you and you’re all set for a great adventure on the water or on land.

Land to Sea in no time

The Gibbs Quadski XL goes from ATV to watercraft with a simple push of a button. This is actually the second model of the Quadski, the biggest change is that the XL can accommodate two people instead of just one. This amphibious vehicle comes in four different colors (plus a fifth camo-colour for US$2500) and is equipped with a water cooled, BMW Motorrad K1300 four cylinder engine that runs on premium plus unleaded gasoline. Whether you are on land or water, it reaches speeds of up 45 MPH.