Crushed Iconic Movie & TV Cars That Belong on Your Wall

Automobilia art from a completely new angle

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Here’s your chance to one-up your buddy’s motor-themed man cave with some one-off, conversation-starting prints of iconic movie cars reimagined as smashed up pieces of metal, all while retaining the vehicle’s charm and identity. Brought to life using only pens or pencils on cotton paper, Milan-based artist Alessandro Paglia, who has an education and background in product design and over ten years of experience, gives us a top-down look at our favourite television and big screen vehicles in a completely new way. From the badass General Lee with that roof adorned confederation flag to Marty McFly’s DMC Delorean, Paglia pounds these beauties to the ground while maintaining style, class, and incredible detail (Bond’s classic DB5 rear window even retains bullet holes from the classic car chase). “Objects attract me, in particular their aesthetics, textures, materials and volumes,” he says, “I feel inspired by the stories they tell, their personalities, the ingenuity of their creators, their hidden world. At some point I simply felt that I had to combine these two passions.” Other cars with his ground-and-pound treatment include Herbie the Love Bug, the Blue Brother’s Bluesmobile, Bond’s DB5 from Goldfinger, and De Niro’s cab from Taxi Driver. Check out the rest of Paglia’s incredible work here.