Jaguar fights spread of superbugs with clean cabin air

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Superbugs and the spread of harmful pathogens is a real concern, especially as we move towards autonomous cars and mobility. And right now, we spend about 300 hours per year behind the wheel, according to Jaguar’s Chief Medical Officer, to put this all in perspective.

Partnering with the medical industry and using ultraviolet light technology (UV-C), the British automaker feels they can help minimize the spread of nasty flu and colds, especially during winter when it’s the worst.

UV-C reduces the transmission of major superbugs by up to 30%, according to this research by Tru-D.

Currently, it’s most effective use is in disinfecting water and filtering air — if Jaguar can incorporate this into their product, they feel the self-driving future might just be a little more healthy. Right now, they’re already looking at ways to improve cabin air for the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE and Range Rover Sport.

Clean cabin air with UV-C tech: how it works

Jaguar fights spread of superbugs with clean cabin air
Jaguar Land Rover is already actively seeking to neutralise pathogens in its latest generation Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, available across the range including the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE and Range Rover Sport. Photo: JLR

Vehicles can neutralise pathogens within the cabin using UV-C technology in the HVAC systems. Without getting too technical, UV-C breaks down the molecular structure of the DNA, where clean air is then released into the cabin.

According to Immunology Expert, Dr. Hellmut Munch, “The rise of superbugs and allergens is one of the largest threats we face as a species today… It is important that we continue to take an innovative look at how we can adapt our environment to help prevent the spread of the most harmful pathogens.”

Hey Jaguar, we support your endeavours.