Is the Continental Concept Lincoln’s new, overdue flagship sedan?

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Lincoln-Continental-ConceptLincoln has been missing a flagship offering for far longer than it should, languishing behind its American competitor Cadillac. This week, at the 2015 New York auto show, Lincoln unveiled the Continental concept—a flagship sedan carrying a legendary name. 

One of the most striking elements of the concept is the Continental’s design. Gone is the waterfall grille, instead replaced with an entirely new grille and front-end design. The front is square, with slicked back headlights and a grille reminiscent of other, high-end luxury brands.

The car looks cigar shaped with a sloping roofline to the stately trunk. The taillights are like those found on the MKC compact SUV, though flipped upside down in this instance.


Inside is where the Continental concept really shines. While the front dashboard is standard Lincoln fare with the addition of shiny brightwork bits, the rear seats are squarely designed for the executive who needs to close the business sale before he steps foot in the office on Monday morning.

Captain chairs are situated in the rear with a pass through center console home to such luxuries as tray tables and a champagne storage compartment. Fine materials like Venetian leather, Alcantara and sating adorn the interior. 

Under the hood is a turbocharged EcoBoost 3.0-liter V-6 engine. Horsepower and torque figures haven’t been disclosed though Lincoln said the engine will be exclusive to the luxury brand.

Lincoln has struggled the last few (read: several) years and while this may not be a sales leader for the automaker, it certainly marks a step in the right direction for the company.

Lincoln-Continental-Concept Lincoln-Continental-Concept interior

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