One-up Dad’s vintage MINI with the new Countryman ALL4 Camp.

Put a tent on it

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Mini Cooper’s newest prototype, the Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp, has the outdoors on its mind to go alongside their Clubvan Camper and Cowley Caravan. When closed it looks like a very slim mounted roof box, about the same size as the roof is. It opens up to enough space for 2 to sit up comfortably and enjoy the view from just about anywhere. This little camper can actually be mounted on either the standard Countryman or Clubman crossovers. The camper’s prime location on top of the vehicle combined with built in windows allows for a great panoramic view wherever you are. And if you get hot? Hop on back into the driver’s seat and head north! You could move at the drop of a dime with this gig as set up is a matter of unlatching and propping up the poles that hold the roof. Ironically, Mini doesn’t actually plan to sell this product and have recently pulled the Clubvan due to lack of sales in the US. Ah well. We can still enjoy their outrageous and pretty cool creations from afar.

Mini-Countryman-ALL4-Camp-camper MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp Mini-Countryman-ALL4-Camp-camper  Mini-Countryman-ALL4-Camp-camper