Moby1 C2 Trailer: The Small Home Away From Home

The Moby1 C2 Trailer would make a great travelling companion

You like exploring the great outdoors, especially on your bike.  You also love nature and two combined is your heaven on earth but you want to be able to do both without having to carry so much stuff on you and your bike. How is this possible? The answer is simple; you need the Moby1 C2 Trailer. This beauty will dramatically improve your experience with travel and camping by helping you do it in style.

The Moby1 C2 trailer, the “baby-trailer” of trailers, has a curb weight of 280-320 lbs, a length of 80 inches and comes in two width options of 40 and 48 inches. It is so light and small in its size you will be surprised that it is being hauled by your motorcycle without any problems.

Take a look inside this beautiful piece of home away from home. The interior includes a foam mattress that does its job to replace a bed and it does a very good job at it too. There is enough space to place storage cabinets or anything you will need and want to carry with you that does not have a place on your bike or your back.

The Moby1 C2 trailer will be your best traveling friend and the most reliable addition on your adventures; your home away from home that will make traveling even more exciting.

Moby1 C2 Trailer Moby1 C2 Trailer

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