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The all-new 2015 Winnebago Brave Keeps It Old School

All-new with old roots, the 2015 Winnebago Brave keeps your Dad’s RV tradition alive

The all new, retro-style Winnebago is finally here. If you were a kid in the 60’s or 70’s you may have taken a vacation or played in one. The new one is just as much fun as the old one, but with high-tech gadgets, as well as a lot more storage and lounge space. Not to mention a sleeker design. The “brow” no longer hangs way out over the windshield as it did in the older models.

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Something you will find that is still the same is exterior paint, it’s still fabulously two-toned and sporting that famous “W” on its side. There’s still a bed located in the “brow” of the Winnebago, but it is slightly upgraded with a power lift. Lastly, it still has an awning, but now it’s motorized and hundred-times easier than the days your parents (or grandparents) did it manual-styles.

There are 2 models for the 2015 Winnebago Brave: 27A and 27B. The 27A is definitely more of a family style due to having 3 beds and more seating options. In both models you will find sliding storage space hidden throughout, which is definitely a big improvement over the old hatch system. The new models have even been equipped to handle our obsessive need for gadgets and include both a 28” or 32” HDTV’s, Satellite navigation, Bluetooth, and much more. Above all? It looks awesome.

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