Your New Audi Q8 SUV Could Look Like This

Available summer 2019

Audi’s New 355-hp 5-seater gets cosmetic upgrade for individual tastes

A new Audi 5-seater was recently announced yet Deutschland-based LUMMA wasted no time with a Q8 upgrade the company says will “enhance the extravagant appearance of the SUV Coupé and underline its individuality.”

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Extravagant and individuality being the operative words here, converting the luxury SUV into a racing rocket without the performance upgrades. This conversion kit comes on the heels of their G-Wagen package recently announced.

Luxury SUV with racing vibes (on the outside)

The LUMMA CLR 8S upgrade adds a major dose of cosmetic changes including a rear apron with diffuser, some side skirts, and a front spoiler. The tailpipe trims get a 4-way treatment along with a LUMMA logo for good measure.

audi q8 upgrade by lumma rear white
The wheel sets are already available for the production vehicle and can be used later (with spacers) on the widened vehicle. Photo: LUMMA Design

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The larger Q8 with tis 44-mm lower stance and shorter overhangs is a good alternative to the current Audi Q7, but this kit ramps it up with protruding wheel arches to house the larger LUMMA rims available in 22-24 inches.

It appears this Q8 upgrade is more all-show and less-go, so expect the 2019 Q8’s turbocharged 3.0L V6-powered to remain unchanged, still putting a respectable 335-hp to go with the racing look.

The LUMMA CLR 8S is available this summer 2019 while the German aftermarket company is already offering the wheel sets for the production model.

They’ll also change up the interior upon request.

Tuning German cars for aftermarket enthusiasts is nothing new. And with SUVs taking over, this particular upgrade comes as no shocker. We’re not sure it’s our cup of tea, but hey, if you’re looking to stand out with a mid-size SUV, this bodykit might just be the ticket.

Learn more the LUMMA CLR 8S

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