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Old Jaguar with New Blood: All-Electric E-Type Gets Production Go Ahead

Jaguar Old Jaguar with New Blood: All-Electric E-Type Gets Production Go Ahead

The modern Jag your grandpa probably wouldn't approve of

Planting an all-electric powertrain inside a classic Jaguar E-type may seem unholy. But the result is arguably the most beautiful electric car in the world. Well done, Jag.

If you’re into classic car conversions, Aston Martin also announced they’re recreating and making available 007’s DB5 from Goldfinger.

The E-type Zero concept first debuted last year; now, Jaguar Classic puts this gorgeous vehicle into production mode, offering it for sale where the public can get up and close at the US debut at California’s Monterey Car Week. Customer deliveries begin mid 2020.

What spawned all this was the Jaguar E-type Reborn Program where the British automaker made 10 units available of these Series 1 E-Type models.

Already own an E-type? No worries, Jaguar Classic will do a full conversion for you if you’re looking for a zero-emissions vintage roadster.

all electric jaguar e type interior

The full electric conversion transforms the E-type into a quick accelerating model compared to the original Series 1 E-type, offering a range in excess of 170 miles via a 40kWh battery which will charge in under 8 hours.

A new propshaft sends power to a carry-over differential and final drive where the electric motor lies just behind the battery pack in place of the E-type’s gearbox. The result is a clean, well-integrated look – not a sloppy engine replacement.

Inside, this old Jaguar’s cabin retains that vintage look – aside from the optional modified instrumentation and fascia with touchscreen infotainment which works well with the design without looking too out of place.

So, how many E-type owners would go ahead with this zero-emissions conversion? Who knows, but we’d be all over it. Hand over the keys, Gramps. 

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