The Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank Will Fight Traffic Like a Champ

Who doesn't need a personal tank, right?

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Who needs a personal tank? You do, of course. Available in limited units and originally commissioned by the US military as a quick, nimble tank, the Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank by Howe and Howe Tech will not only fight traffic en route to work but sitting on the driveway it’ll undoubtably ward off would-be home burglars too. Sporting 12-inches of suspension travel, a Diesel engine making over 600-hp, and a top speed the company states will surpass any other dual-tracked vehicle ever made. But at time of writing, expect about minimum six months to have yours delivered. As you’d expect (or maybe not) the Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank caters to the luxury market. The company responsible for this mini beast, Howe and Howe Tech, put thousand of hours into the Ripsaw’s development with huge emphasis on cutting edge technology producing a personal tank powered by a diesel powerplant with a cockpit environment fit for a super hero. Handcrafted, the bespoke Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank is finally available to the public and will price depends on each unit, expect to pay in the US$100K+ range.