Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Edition

Timeless styling at a decent price

Scramblers are the original do-it-all two-wheelers of the motorcycle kingdom. Fun, affordable, and a clean design makes them a popular choice for street riding with the odd dirt road in the mix (and a good choice as a beginner motorcycle). Royal Enfield has taken their new Classic 500 scrambler to the dark side with latest Stealth Black edition. Gone are the classic chrome bits, replaced by flat black paint which suites this handsome, single-lunger 499cc motor powered motorcycle just fine. With its post-war detailing including a die-cast headlight casing, vintage fuel-tank graphics, and overall retro styling, the Classic 500 Stealth Edition definitely has character. Sporting a single saddle seat with springs and option pillion seat, Royal Enfield ensures this version offers comfort across any terrain. What separate this edition from the other models, however, is having the distinction as the first in the Classic 500 series to get a rear disc brake versus the typical drum brake setup. Priced under $6,000 with looks this good, we’d say this bike offers pretty good value. Learn more about this bike at Royal Enfield here. Or check out our feature on this classic 1964 Royal Enfield Interceptor.