Shark Raw Helmets: The Ultimate Streetfighter Helmet

Shark Raw Helmets: urban biking helmet combining great design with compactness.

With a name like the Shark Raw your expectations may be a bit high. From the feature list we see, you probably won’t be disappointed. 

It’s an urban biking helmet that combines great design with compactness. Made from thermoplastic resin with integrated, tinted goggles and a detachable face mask, few of the features of the Shark Raw helmet include an aerodynamic outer shell, quick release visor system, multiple shell sizes, to name a few.

Bluetooth Helmet

Along with features to the design of the helmet like its matte black finish the Shark Raw Helmet has additional features not many helmets have. It has Bluetooth capabilities adding a bunch of features like incoming call alert, music streaming and remote control, bike to bike intercom system for those within 500 meters, plus the other benefits of Bluetooth.

Redefining the open face street fighter-style helmet, the Shark Raw helmet delivers an industrial style look with quality material and a high degree of protection. 

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