SignalWear’s Smart Motorcycle Gloves with LED Turn Signals

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World’s first ‘smart’ motorcycle gloves with built-in signal blinking technology

Often, the best ideas come from unfortunate incidents. When Troy De Baca, CEO and Co-Founder of SignalWear, got into a bike accident back in 2012, the veteran rider was afraid to hit the road again doing what he loved.

“Ever since then, I’ve been working on different ways for motorcyclists to be safer and be seen when they’re on the road. Both of SignalWear’s features can only make traveling on a motorcycle safer for the rider and other motorists, as well. There’s no product like this on the market today,” he states.

Hence, the world’s first smart motorcycle gloves were born, and launched on kickstarter today. The gloves have a super-bright chevron LEDs that activate with a multi-function push I/O button, dubbed the Lane Changer. The button can be pushed to manually activate an LED blinker with a micro switch in the thumb of the glove or by tilt activation. This is one of the many smart features that allow a rider to activate the LED’s by using the recommended two wheel safety hand signals for right and left turns.

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The other cool glove-activation mode includes the SignalBox: a mode hardwired in the motorcycle’s existing blinker system, signalling the glove to blink in conjunction with the turn signal. With enough funding, SignalWear plans to add additional innovative features to their smart gloves, including hands free GPS navigation and more Bluetooth functionality.

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SignalWear smart motorcycle gloves signal

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