Original Tool Book by Cotter Pin Gear: Keep Your Tools Close

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Countryside to garage, the Original Tool Book is designed for today’s riders

Cotter Pin Gear has come up with a simple solution to helping you keep your essential tools together that doesn’t involve the use of a “man-purse”. This simple yet amazing little “book” is perfect when you want to keep essential tools nearby but don’t necessarily want to carry a bulky tool bag or box. This little tool book can carry essential items like Alan Wrenches, ratchets, pliers, medicine, and many other essentials. This little book might even be great for computer techs as it is compact and has several pockets. If you are out on a long bike excursion, it is essential to carry tools with you in case of an emergency, this isn’t usually possible unless you are willing to carry a backpack or install a basket on your bike.

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The tool book is made almost exclusively from Martexin waxed canvas, with the exception of the books binding and leather straps, which are made from high quality leather. In addition, there is a zippered pocket to hold medicine, your cell phone, money, zip ties, or whatever else you can think to stash that you may otherwise lose along the way.  The best thing about its construction is that it is entirely hand-made by a real person.

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