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Tire Recycling: what happens to old tires & why you should recycle them

Are there benefits to tire recycling? What happens to the old rubber and where can you discard them? We break it all down, including recycling programs.

Tire Pressure: how to check it & keep your vehicle’s tires inflated, properly

A closer look at vehicle tire pressure: how to check it, why low pressure is dangerous, 3 types of gauges, and how to keep tires inflated.

Here’s how to read vehicle tire sizes & sidewall markings like a pro

Our ultimate guide on reading & understanding car tire sidewall markings. From sizes & tire load index to speed ratings & tire symbols.

How long do car tires last & when should they be replaced?

It's important to know when to replace car tires. But, how long do they last? When is it the right time? We take an in-depth look.

How often should you rotate your car tires & how much does it cost?

Tire rotation is of the simplest techniques for getting the most out of your tires, but how often should you do it? How much does it cost?

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