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Whether you’re a first-time new vehicle shopper or even a seasoned pro, some simple advice – or just a  refresher – on how to buy a new car never hurts.

Is there an ideal time to go shopping for those auto deals and better service? How about a simple 5-point checklist to keep in mind?

We help break it down so you can go into this car buying journey with confidence.

> New Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big investment and already daunting enough of a task — and while buying a used car, truck or SUV might be cheaper, there are all sorts of other potential risks involved. Heed the tips and expert advice in our following pre-owned car buying guide to avoid some common pitfalls and drive away a happy, hassle-free customer. In this guide, we’ll cover:

    1. Online Research: where to start, resources and bulletins
    2. 5 Tips from Motoring TV’s Bill Gardiner
    3. Depreciation: a closer look
    4. 6 More Tips from Kijiji
    5. Luxury pre-owned: the pros & cons
    6. Finally, a checklist to get your buying journey started

> Used Buyer’s Guide