The BMW X4 Concept: First Look

The BMW X4 Concept is a superior strain mostly for the unique combination of features that range between the power of the BMW X and the Coupe. The model is not a two-door automobile as the name suggests and is not exactly a SUV either. Perhaps the feature that will grasp your attention when you first look at it is the robustness of the body; almost displays a muscular quality. It adds a lot of functionality to the sleek design of the coupe.

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The BMW X4 appears less SUV and more 5-door hatchback. At the front end, you get a gist of the functionality that has been crafted with the model. The kidney grille that is synonymous with BMW has been carefully complemented with LED lights. Towards the rear, there are dual exhausts with LED taillights. The BMW X4 sits on 21-inch rims.

The subtle SUV features that the automobile boasts, coupled with the bold exterior design, the BMW X4 concept is destined for the production line.

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BMW X4 Concept BMW X4 ConceptBMW X4 Concept


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