McLaren P1 Concept Profile: Style and Torque for Days

The McLaren P1 aims at being the automobile that has an authoritative grasp on the road or track. To ensure that the vehicle achieves the target of McLaren’s reign on the track, aerodynamics features are prominent. The P1 comes off as having enormous ground force which is the desire of every racer; the stability and balance this brings is not easy to ignore.

The performance ability as well as throttle response are some of the features that this vehicle has exploited. The IPAS petro-electric power with 3.8 litre double turbo engine and the one electric motor collectively create the M838TQ. The efficiency of this car is added by the ability to have instant torque. The green aim of this car is not ignored in its make-up either, emitting around 200g/km of carbon dioxide and is well known that it can achieve up to 10 kilometres on electric power.

McLaren P1 ConceptMcLaren P1 Concept

The double seater capacity carefully woven mid-engine has aerodynamic features and is a right measure to ensure the down -force desired of the whole machine is realised. When you analyse the light weight together with the aerodynamics, you have yourself a perfect creature for some fast action. Even with it’s lightweight stance, the car really amazes with its compactness; this means that even with high speeding, the reliability of the car is never in doubt.

Even with it’s lightweight stance, the car really amazes with its compactness…

The rear of the car is noticeably low and when this is combined to the aspect of its rear haunches, you have yourself the shrink-wrapped design. What amazes even more is the fact that every part of the car is made with a goal it is intended to achieve. For the doors that are sculpted, you will notice that the shape they have was clearly determined by the path that air follows as it flows around the automobile. No doubt the cooling of the car will be given a shot when the LTR cooling ducts will be added to the front wheels as many people envisioned.

The McLaren P1 has indeed a lot more going for it in terms of the battery power. The battery is lightweight and crucial for the continuous power force that it supplies to the car. The car operates on the virtue of appropriate power delivery without the traditional emphasis on storage of this power; it is the former that is seen as crucial in the propulsion on the vehicle.

McLaren P1 Concept

The battery of the vehicle is charged through the engine and really there is a charger that is plugged in that can service an empty battery in a sensible time-frame of two hours. There is a pit lane charging option which could sort the battery out in a cool ten minutes.

The McLaren P1 is thus a lightweight vehicle which is built with technology, engineering and functionality in mind. When you have a racing car which has only those parts that are truly needed combined with a proper down-force, you are good to go.

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