A Ford built for all-terrain – But only in Brazil

Since Ford’s Acquisition of the Troller Motor Company in 2007, nothing has been produced.  Until now.

The Ford Troller T-4 is an SUV truly built for all terrain.  All-wheel drive, the T-4 is elevated so that it can ford deep waters without damaging the inside or undercarriage.  The Troller T-4 looks like a mixture between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Ford Bronco, with off-road capability matching no other. However, you are planning to buy one, you better live in Brazil.  The Ford Troller T-4 is only manufactured and sold in Brazil.

Unlike other “foreign” made cars, the T-4 will probably never make it to the U.S. market, seeing as it would cost far too much to bring the vehicle up to U.S. safety standards.  The T-4 is powered by a Ford 3.2 liter diesel engine and features an all-wheel drive capacity with a six-speed manual transmission.  Although price for the new models have not been announced, expectations are at around US$46,000.

ford-t-4-troller-suv-rearFord Troller T-4 front

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