This Low & Menacing 1968 Lamborghini Espada Rat Rod Is On The Auction Block

Ferruccio Lamborghini wouldn't be proud and that's ok

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When Ferruccio Lamborghini set out to build a powerful four-seat coupe with smooth handling, a spacious cabin offering ample luggage room and comfortable seats, we’re pretty sure this custom rat rod wasn’t what he intended. But France-based Danton Art Kustoms had other plans when the shop built this beauty in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Espada — a V12-powered Italian beast produced between 1968-1978, with only 1,200 samples out in the world. Sitting an incredible 8.2 feet wide on Custom G67 RUMI wheels by Govad Forged Wheels for that low, snug look, the Lamborghini-inspired Rat Rod was custom built using an original Espada body, chassis, and engine. Inside, Danton threw in custom fabricated seats and interior components, along with a slick custom name badge replacing the original with a sticker incorporating a Matador’s sword. The Espada was always a controversial coupe with a distinct design — Danton just took Ferruccio’s ambitions to another level. This Lambo rat rod is currently on the auction block with US title, going for $200,000 – $250,000. Best part? You don’t need to be a Lamborghini or rat rod fan to appreciate this one-of-a-kind piece art of wheels.