Throwback: The 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal was more than a Concept

This week we’re looking at the 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal, which started its life with a unique release to the public. This vehicle was designed by Marcello Gandini on the encouragement of the EXPO 67 organizers to be released as a concept car at the Montreal EXPO. The public liked this car so much that they coined it with the name of “The Montreal”. This name stuck and with all the interest Alfa Romeo received with this concept car they put it into production in 1970 with a few changes.

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The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a 2+2 sports coupe with a ZF manual gearbox that is tied to a V-8 engine. This fuel injected quad overhead camshaft 2.6L V-8 was unique at the time as it had a red line of 7000RPM and produced close to 200HP. But due to fact that this engine was larger than the engine that was in the original concept car, Alfa Romeo had some design changes that they needed to make. To provide this space they designed a bulge in the hood. This resulted in designers placing an NACA duct in the hood to “hide” the bulge. This NACA duct provides this vehicle with unique styling but due to the fact that it is blocked off it is not functional by any means. The headlamp covers are another unique styling feature of the Montreal. The quad headlamp design has pop up “grill” covers that retract into the vehicle when the sun sets and the headlamps are turned on.

The Montreal was produced from 1970-1977 during which time it remained unchanged. Its total production run during these seven years was low, only around 3900 units. Possibly causing its low sales volume may have been the price of the vehicle. At the time, you could buy a Porsche 911 for less than The Montreal. Perhaps the most unique thing about this vehicle is due to the fact that Alfa Romeo did not meet the North American emissions standards not a single Montreal was ever sold in Montreal.

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