2009 Ford Flex Review: Dares to be Different

Ford’s new 2009 Flex minivan replacement is unlike anything we’ve seen but is it something today’s families are looking for?

Ford is not one to shy from pushing the envelope. Whether creating new segments such as the SUT or simply challenging existing ones, Ford consistently dares to be different. The all-new 2009 Ford Flex is a true testament to this ideology. Dubbed a crossover, but more like a minivan without the minivan stigma, in my opinion, the Flex is a people-mover with style, sport, and brawn.

Ford Flex Interior and Exterior Features

The design is provocative, to say the least: a sleek, low stance; an optional two-tone roof; beefy shoulderlines with signature side grooves running the length of the vehicle; just an overall boxy, yet clean, stretched appearance sets the Flex way apart. The interior is contemporary and luxurious yet relaxed and roomy. The space is very limousine-eque with business-class comfort, but the abundance of legroom and the overall cozy feel keeps things grounded and comfortable.

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So whether you’re sporting a suit or beach wear, the Flex has no bias and lets you know it. So, come as you are, and bring some cold drinks while you’re at it because the rear console is also an insulated refrigerator. The real cool thing about the Flex is how low is sits to the ground. Another inch or two higher and it would throw the entire look off. Equally as critical to this low stance styling is the impact it makes on the road, allowing the driver to really push the Flex in the corners: a crossover with a sports sedan feel, and with surprising less roll than you may expect from a such a hefty vehicle.

2009 Ford Flex Review

Under the Flex hood

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Powered by a 3.5-litre V-6 engine producing 262-hp at 6250-rpm and 248-lb.-ft of torque at 4500-rpm; paired to a 6-speed auto transmission, the Flex offers great performance with decent fuel efficiency.

Flex Features

The Flex design is without question innovative, but this doesn’t end there. The Flex is teeming with innovative technology as well, including:
•    FordSYNC: developed exclusively for Ford by Microsoft, an award-winning voice-activated, hands free in-vehicle communications & entertainment platform.
•    Voice-activated navigation
•    Reverse camera system
•    EasyFuel capless fuel filter
•    Class-exclusive refrigerated console: cools up to seven 12-ounce cans, four half-litre bottles, or two 20-ounce bottles
•    Exclusive SecuriCode second-generation keyless entry keypad
•    Ambient Lighting: seven different interior lighting colours

There’s ‘being different.’ Then there’s ‘trying too hard.’ What separates the two is how you pull it off; how confident you are in your own skin and the energy you put off. And though the Flex may not be for everyone, it doesn’t really matter…because it stands with poise, confidence, and definitely pulls it off!

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2009 Ford Flex Review2009 Ford Flex Review2009 Ford Flex Review2009 Ford Flex Review

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