2016 Miata: A Closer Look at Mazda’s Redesigned Roadster [Video]

The new 2016 Miata is bit smaller but with heavier styling cues. We head to LA to review the 4th-generation roadster to see how it performs.

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Los Angeles, California Ever since the introduction of the first Mazda Miata in 1989, the little 2 seater Japanese roadster has been the favourite canyon carver, autocrosser and just plain fun car to drive for the masses. The new 4th generation Mazda MX-5 has been totally redesigned from the ground up. You immediately notice the heavy styling cues on the exterior. The sharp sloped nose, the LED light treatments and just an overall look of seriousness. Surprisingly, the MX-5 is now a touch smaller which most would not notice yet the interior space is now larger with better visibility,seating and pedal positioning are also optimized for the best driving experience.

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Lighter Miata with better fuel economy

The MX-5 uses SKYACTIV Technology to achieve amazing weight reductions and performance enhancements. The new generation shaves off 150lb from the previous model  and with the use of a SKYACTIV 6 speed manual transmission, fuel economy is a whopping 25% more efficient than previous models. For those not wanting to shift their own gears, an automatic 6 speed is available at no charge.

2016 Miata horsepower and performance: how does the new MX-5 perform?

Under the hood, a 2.0L 4 cylinder SKYACTIV engine producing 155 HP and 148 lb/ft of torque is now placed a little closer and lower to the driver creating a lower center of gravity and aiding in the 50/50 balance of the car. As someone that has lately been driving very high horsepower cars, I really wasn’t expecting a lot out of this little roadster but within a minute of getting into the MX-5, I had the start of a long lasting grin.

Once onto the canyon roads just outside of LA, you completely forget how much power the car has, you lose the concept of time, and you even forget that you’re in a roadster and you really should have put some sunscreen on (you figure this out later…ouch) The 6 speed manual is butter smooth, and it seems like a breeze to keep the little cars engine always in the sweet zone.

The bilstein shocks provide a very supple ride making this a very tame everyday city driver yet when pushed, they do a great job working with the chassis and tires to provide a very confident feel and ride.

The 2016 Mazda MX-5 can now be equipped with many modern technologies like blind spot and lane departure warning, and active headlights just to name a few. The MX-5 starts at $31,900 for the GX and tops out at $39,200 for the GT. Regardless which model you choose, the MX-5 is still the epitome of pure driving fun.

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