AMG to the Seas: The 3100-hp 2017 50′ Marauder GT R

Mercedes-AMG GT R from the Nurburgring to the waters.

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How do two performance powerhouses celebrate 10 years of partnership? Produce a crazy, special edition boat, of course. The new 2017 50’ Marauder GT R, which recently debuted at the Miami International Boat Show, is one of eight special edition boats produced to celebrate the work of Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing and their successful collaboration. Not to mention, it’s AMG’s 50th anniversary. Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the 3100-hp Marauder GT R sheds a whopping 1300 pounds by way of extensive carbon-fibre throughout, including a deck, cockpit, and consoles using advanced laminate analysis techniques, all constructed from carbon-fibre with foam core. So if you’ve longed to take your handcrafted 577-hp, AMG 4.0l V8 biturbo engine-powered Mercedes-AMG GT R from the Nurburgring to the waters, the 2017 50’ Marauder GT R is your best option.