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2017 Jaguar XE Unveiled in Geneva

Jaguar, and for that matter many other luxury automakers, has been trying to crack BMW’s 3-Series secret sauce. The 3-Series has been the pinnacle of luxury performance. Jaguar is reentering the segment with the 2017 XE.

By Anthony Alaniz

The XE features a longitudinally mounted engine powering the rear wheels as standard though all-wheel drive will be an available option. Undetermined four-cylinder engines will power the majority of XEs.

Styling out front is typical Jaguar–nothing surprising that differentiates from the company’s current design language. The car looks long and low and svelte, with a haunched and sporty rear end. The particularly low hood is what really gives the car its luxurious look.

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Even though the outside is handsome enough, inside the 2017 Jaguar XE is quite pedestrian. No risks were taken with the interior, appearing to come from almost any generic luxury car. It’s nothing to write home about, but stately enough for Jaguar, even if it can’t compare to the competition.

Expect performance versions of the XE in the form of the XE-R and XE-RS sometime in the future, as well as a possible hybrid as the platform has been designed to accommodate a partial electric powertrain.

The XE sedan is an important sedan for Jaguar and it certainly has the looks to compete. It just needs to refine the interior and give it the performance cred to really compete with the BMW 3-Series and the luxury performance sedan competition.



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