A Closer Look at the New Chevy Blazer’s Interior

A look inside the new Blazer's cabin

So, the new Blazer looks bold and sporty on the outside but what’s the interior look like? How’s the cargo space, how much tech does it have, and is it comfortable for those long drives?

We got a chance to drive and review the 2019 Blazer twice – once before it hit the market, and then again for a second Blazer RS review. So definitely check out those two reviews if you’re seriously looking at buying one.

Meantime, it’s the mid-size SUV’s cabin and tech we’re focused on here. And while the exterior takes on Camaro-inspired looks with those huge 21-inch RS wheels paired to long, lean and sculpted body sides, dual exhaust pipes, integrated spoiler, and LED-illuminated Chevy-signature dual-element taillamps, the real question here is: what’s the interior like?

What are the main interior features to know about?

Overall, Chevy gave its new Blazer a more driver-centric interior with standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob which works well for the new SUV entry.

Some of the key features include:

  • Active noise cancelling is standard on all trim levels
  • 1,818L with the rear seats folded
  • A rail-based system allowing the space to be configured and blocked off as needed to secure items
  • A hands-free power liftgate with a light that shines a Chevy emblem on the ground to show you where to swing your foot
  • Rear seats that slide forward to allow more cargo space and tilts back to allow extra headroom
  • Chevrolet’s updated Infotainment 3 system with 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
  • Rearview camera “hitch view” for towing
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We go into more detail below.

How’s the cargo and cabin space?

Arguably, the main reason people are going crazy for crossovers and larger SUVs compared to 4-door cars is for that extra space to lug stuff around. Boasting a respectable 1,818L with the rear seated folded, the 2019 Blazer does a good job providing ample cargo in a mid-size form.

Another nice touch from Chevy is allowing the rear seats to slide forward for more cargo space while offering extra headroom by tilting back.

A handy rail system

2019 Chevy Blazer rail system
Chevy-first Cargo Management System with a rail system and cargo fence is standard on RS and Premier. Photo: Amee Reehal

When items need to be secured down, a rail-based system allows the space to be configured and blocked off; and when not needed, the rails store neatly in front of the spare tire.

Connectivity & Tech

You can’t have a new model these days without loading it with the latest technology to keep everyone happy – sport utilities are no exception and Chevy definitely got that memo.

The Infotainment 3 system is updated inside the 2019 Blazer. It comes with a well-sized 8-inch touchscreen nestled nicely into the centre stack. Unlike some competitors, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility is also included. Plus, GM’s subscription-based 4G LTE WiFi hot spot is in the mix.

2019 Chevy Blazer interior
The cabin layout and design is nice and clean, especially with the 8-inch touchscreen integrated up top; the RS adds nice touches of red, and those vents are borrowed from the Camaro. Photo: Amee Reehal
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Remember when USB ports were non existent in vehicles, like, just a few years ago? Well, those days are gone. Expect this model of offer up to six USB ports to include the new USB type-C (as standard!). Along with wireless phone charging by simply placing the phone on the pad (no cables needed), provided your phone allows for wireless charging, which most new ones do.

For towing duties, The rearview camera “hitch view” makes hooking up to a trailer a one-person job. As more and more SUV shoppers, even in the mid-size segment, are beginning to tow more toys from boats to campers, this is great feature to allow weekend warriors to pull with more confidence with safety in mind.

On the road, the new Blazer offers a quiet space as well with active noise cancelling as a standard on all trim levels.

Inside the RS and Premier trims

Sold in 3 trims including L, Blazer, RS and Premier, it’s the top 2 trims Chevy expects to see rolling off the dealer lots most frequently.

Both get panoramic tilt-sliding sunroof as an option only while heated front seats are standard on RS and Premier but available on the entry-level model.

Sportier RS interior:

This trim steps it up with red accents throughout, including perforated leather seats with subtle red stitching. Expect more RS badging as well. The huge, round air vents which appear to be ripped out of a Camaro (in a good way) get a red trim which really stands out, sitting front and centre below the touchscreen on the centre stack.

Check the RS interior photos at the end of this post.

2019 Chevy Blazer RS interior
Less upscale than the Premier trim, the Blazer RS looks sharper with the contrasting red and black look, both inside and out. Seats are comfortable and headroom is ample especially with the tilting seat. Photo: Amee Reehal

More upscale Premier:

The Premier trim level is more dignified, with generous chrome treatment on the outside and quality accented leather interior treatment. Automatic heated steering wheel and heated/ventilated front seats tie in with the automatic climate control system. The windows can be opened remotely to let cabin heat out as you approach the car.


As completely new model which went on sale early 2019, it’s safe to say Chevy wasn’t going to cut corners inside the new Blazer. And why would they in a hyper-competitive segment which sees new utilities hitting the market literally every year.

Inside the Blazer, features like the rearview camera for towing and active noise cancelling in all models adds that extra assurance and comfort, while having plenty of USB ports along with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will keep passengers happy.

Overall, Chevy gave its new Blazer a more driver-centric interior which works well for the new SUV entry.

GM was the first to include 4G LTE WiFi hot spot in its models, and the 2019 Blazer is no exception (though it’s a subscription service so plan to spend more over and above your current mobile plan).

The 1,818L of rear space with the rear seats folded along with the handy rail-based system are huge pluses if cargo is important to you. And the five-passenger SUV’s adjustable sliding rear seat is a bonus not found in all the competitors.

Blazer Premier is best suited for those seeking luxury, but it’s the RS’s red-stitching and black interior that will really stand out, if you’re more into the sportier look.

For more 2019 and 2020 SUVs check out our Buyer’s Guide here.

2019 Blazer Interior Pics – a closer look at the RS:

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