New Hybrid 2020 Police Interceptor Utility Will Kick Your Ass (And Help Taxpayers)

Ford Police SUV Hits the Streets This Year

Building on Ford’s police dominance across North America, enforcement agencies get a new fighter in their arsenal with the 2020 Police Interceptor Utility.

Hybrid Police Vehicles Make Too Much Sense

Equipped with a standard hybrid all-wheel-drive powertrain, the new Ford police hauler will not only help save the public but will save a good dose of budget as well; according Ford, around $5,900 per vehicle annually in fuel costs for models powered by the 3.7L gas engine.

A hybrid SUV makes sense for the agencies when you consider how often the police are idling (and we’ll forgive them for this). According to Ford, the new powertrain “provides the potential for significant fuel savings with improved performance and no tradeoffs in safety or interior passenger or cargo space…It’s a win-win-win formula for law enforcement.”

2020 Police Interceptor Utility rolling on street

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Some Bad Guying Fighting Features

The all-new Police Interceptor Utility hits the streets sometime this year sporting a healthy dose of advanced innovations designed for officer safety including Perimeter Alert with sensors monitoring approximately 270-degree area around the vehicle; a modem powered by Ford Telematics providing timely feedback to head office; plus all the other pre-collision features you’d expect.

More Ford Police Vehicles Coming in 2019

Ford’s relationship with law enforcement is well-known, now spanning close to 70-years working together. Perhaps the best-know Ford fighter is the classic Crown Victoria from the early 1980s — an intimating beast of a car propelled a 351-cubic-inch 5.8-litre high-output V8.

…here’s a cool story about the last Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor retiring from the Vermont State Police, via TheDrive.

But today, it’s more than just mammoth power and burly V8s; it’s about power with efficiency along with the latest tech in the mix — and Ford is arguably the best at this (i.e. EcoBoost engines).

Hey, big engines or hybrids, we don’t care as long as they’re catching the bad guys.

When the 2020 Police Interceptor Utility rolls into your town, expect these other Ford police vehicles to join the force:

  • Police Responder Hybrid Sedan
  • F-150 Police Responder
  • Expedition SSV
  • F-150 SSV
  • Transit PTV
  • SSV Plug-In Hybrid Sedan

2020 Police Interceptor Utility 2

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