Lighter & Faster Polaris Slingshot R Arrives for 2020

3-legged rocket gets biggest update in 5 years

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Distinguishable from a mile away with its aggressive looks and hard-edged attitude, Polaris’ three-wheeled autocycle gets its biggest update for 2020 since hitting the streets five years ago. Gone is the GM-sourced powertrain, replaced by a burlier 203-hp 4-cylinder engine (Polaris’ first 4-cylinder engine, by the way) adding 25 extra horses and good for 144 lb.-ft. or torque which has decreased in this new Slingshot R model. Like most new redesigned models, from cars to bikes, the 2020 Slingshot sheds weight — 40 pounds, to be exact, now ringing in at 1,700 pounds total. With one of the highest production redlines, according to the company, an all-new tuned exhaust, new faster shifting AutoDrive transmission with 2 drive modes, and improved handling with better brakes and suspension are all new to the mix for 2020. Improvements in the cabin includes a more premium feel compared to utility-focused interior in the outgoing version. Expect this 3-wheel beast to hit a top speed of 125-mph while sprinting 0-60 in a respectable 4.9-seconds. But at a $30,999 starting price point, the relatively pricey 2020 Slingshot R is more of luxury toy-for-the-big-boy than an everyday commuter. Learn more here. 

Key specs:

Engine:Prostar 2.0L 4 Cylinder
Peak Power:203-hp at 8,250 rpm
Max Wet Weight:1,749 lb
Wheelbase:105 in (2,667 mm)
Tire Size:225 / 45R18 (front), 305 / 30R20 (rear)
Transmission Type:5 Speed Manual Synchromesh with Reverse
Ground Clearance:5.4 in (137.3 mm)