Rezvani’s military grade Hercules 6×6 truck is apocalypse-ready

Night vision, military grade defence, and 1,300-hp gets things started for $225,000.

Remember the days when pickup trucks were good old pickup trucks? Well, those days are numbered with newcomers like the Tesla Cybertruck, new GMC Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T redefining the game. Now, we can add the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 to the mix — a 1,300-hp, V8-powered beast the California-based company is dubbing the god of all trucks. And for good reason. Powered by a standard 3.6L V8 powertrain, customers can ramp it up with either 6.4L SRT V8 good for 500-hp or the top-end 7.0L supercharged V8 producing over 1,000 horses. To conquer pretty much any terrain, the Hercules 6×6 truck comes with two off-road packages raising ground clearance with a 3-inch FOX off-road suspension — the completely hidden auto retracting side steps are also a nice, stealthy touch. Huge 16-inch, 8 piston brake callipers ensure this 6-wheeled monster is equipped with powerful braking. A true apocalypse-ready machine fit for the military, this Rezvani truck incorporates the thermal/night vision system (FLIR) and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) protection we first saw in the company’s insane SUVs, including the 1,000-hp 2020 Rezvani TANK and the Rezvani Tank Military Edition. We won’t get into it but you can learn more about the Department of Defense (DOD) approved EMP system here. Inside, customers can choose from over 10 styles of ergonomically designed seats; outside, the cleanly integrated LED light bar above the windshield opens up the road ahead when night duties call. Sitting 79-inches high, 90-inches wide, and stretching a whopping 244-inch in length, the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 truck isn’t exactly a suburban chariot. But if the $225,000 price tag is within reach, so is a new garage pad.