Safari-ready Z Proto 4×4 Nissan should really consider building

This will never happen, but it should.

Fresh off the heels of Nissan’s new Z car reveal, designer Rain Prisk wasted no time doing what he does best: transforming track-built sports coupes into bonafide overlanders. From his badass Supra 4×4 Concept to the Porsche 918 Spyder Off-Roader, Prisk’s latest machine is this Nissan Z Proto 4×4. Once again, managing to both open up our imagination while teasing us with tuned-out off-roaders that are merely that, imagination.

This Nissan Z Proto clearly gets a massive suspension lift to tackle the unpaved roads ahead. Couple this with four incredibly huge, black fenders engulfing the knobby all-terrain tires, this 4×4 coupe is totally unrecognizable from the original concept, from what we can see from this one and only front-view rendering from Prisk.

Here’s a side-by-side look at Prisk’s rendition compared to the Nissan Z Proto recently revealed. Correct, they look nothing alike, and he ditched the bright yellow pearlescent paint for a simple white which looks sharp in contrast to all that dirt splattered along the doors.

Nissan Z Proto 4x4 Rain Prisknew nissan z car z proto

The front grille finds a line of yellow LED lights up top, and a large skid plate below, flanked by a pair of red tow hooks. The teardrop-shaped LED headlights from Nissan’s original concept stay put.

Up top, unlike the Supra 4×4 and Porsche 918 adventurer which finds a canoe and spare tire, respectively, the Nissan Z Proto 4×4 sports a rooftop tent held down by wires in the front and bars in the rear, from what we can see.

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We like how Nissan paid proper homage to the iconic Z car with their new Z Proto, particularly, the rear taillights inspired by the 300ZX. So, we’d love to see what Prisk had in mind for this 4×4’s backend design. Guess we’ll just need to imagine what’s back there. Check out more of Rain Prisk’s work at ArtStation here.

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