Lamborghini’s motorsport division unleashes the 759-hp, one-off SC20 open-top masterpiece

Squadra Corse's new carbon-induced, V12-powered one-off Lambo is a stunner.

Off the heels of the SC18 Alston introduced two years ago, Lamborghini’s motorsport department — Squadra Corse — unveil their latest creation: the Lamborghini SC20. Another one-off V12-powered rocket, the SC20 successfully blends extreme, angular looks packaged into an utterly gorgeous coupe the way only Lamborghini can pull off. Sporting a carbon fibre body with racing aerodynamics, the SC20 is unique with its open-top design; built for the track yet approved for public roads, the design team at Lamborghini Centro Stile drew inspiration from some past icons, including the Diablo VT Roadster, Aventador J, Veneno Roadster and Concept S. As their head of design puts it, “the result is a dramatic combination of creativity and racing attitude.” For optimal air-flow, the Lamborghini engineers hand-polished the carbon fiber body, the massive rear spoiler gains three different settings, the in-your-face front splitter is framed by two fins, and Huracán GT3 EVO-inspired air intakes on the front hood round things out. The team put great emphasis on ensuring driver and passenger retained a comfortable, open-air cockpit experience when this Italian rocket’s throttle opens up hitting those high speeds — all courtesy of Lambo’s flagship V12 developed by Squadra Corse paired to a 7-speed transmission and all-wheel drive. Riding on single-nut 20- and 21-inch aluminum wheels at the front and back, respectively, wrapped in some sweet Pirelli PZero Corsa rubber, expect the ultra-rare SC20 to put down 759 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 531 lb.-ft. of torque at  6,750 rpm. As the luxury automaker fittingly sums it up, “The SC20 is one more technical and styling exercise that associates Squadra Corse experience with Lamborghini design, masterfully interpreted by our Centro Stile based on the customer’s wishes.”