Closer look inside the new Subaru Legacy

For the 2020 model year, the Legacy is new from the ground up but how different is the AWD sedan's interior?

Before people went crazy over compact crossovers and SUVs, sedans like Subaru’s all-wheel drive Legacy were top of mind for families looking for comfort, space, cargo, and reliable driving dynamics.

Fortunately, the Legacy is still well and alive. In fact, it’s even better for 2020 sporting a fresher exterior look paired to a completely redesigned interior. Let’s take a closer look. For our full 2020 Subaru Legacy review, head on over here.

2020 subaru legacy interior steering wheel
2020 Subaru Legacy interior. Photo: Subaru

The Outback and Legacy have always had much in common. Like the Legacy, its crossover wagon cousin is all-new for 2020 and we encourage you take a look at our 2020 Outbackreview of that model too, as most of the comments there also apply to the Legacy.

Specifying a Legacy is just as simple as it is for the Outback – no complicated packages or hidden charges to speak of, beyond regular dealer-fit accessories.

Our top-of-the-line Premier GT test car had just about everything you could wish for in equipment terms. Winningly, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and lots of safety kit is standard across the range but the glitchy DriverFocus distraction mitigation system and front-view camera are Premier-only.

2020 subaru legacy interior
Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and lots of safety kit is standard across the range but the glitchy DriverFocus distraction mitigation system and front-view camera are on the top trim 2020 Legacy. Photo: Graham Heeps
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We still like the brown Nappa leather-trimmed cabin and the well-padded centre console was appreciated by this long-legged driver. With the Legacy’s lower ride height, the cockpit somehow feels seems more enveloping and homely than in the jacked-up Outback, yet it still feels roomy – rear-seat legroom is very good, for example. 

The Legacy is therefore a comfortable place to spend a journey and has all the infotainment and connectivity options you’ll need. In the Premier GT’s case, that includes a 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system. But our ergonomic reservations from the Outback remain, especially the two-step, screen-based front seat warmer activation, which quickly becomes tiresome in the dead of winter.

Cargo capacity

2020 subaru legacy cargo capacity
2020 Subaru Legacy rear cargo space. Photo: Subaru

You can fit 428L (15.1 cu.ft) of cargo into the Legacy, without dropping the rear seats. We were happy with the access to the trunk and the space within but there’s no handle on the inside to help you close the lid after loading. It’s an unnecessary inconvenience – you get your hands dirty when you shut the lid, especially in winter – and is just about the only feature on the car that smacks of cost-cutting.


There you have it, a quick look at the redesigned 2020 Subaru Legacy’s interior. While the Japanese automaker didn’t mess too much with the exterior look of the long-running 4-door, they indeed did ramp it up significantly inside. Subaru’s marketing calls the Legacy ‘The SUV of sedans’ but it should be celebrating its very car-ness.

Now, if they can just convince SUV shoppers to give the lowly sedan a chance – that’s the real challenge here. But for those considering a 4-door family car will appreciate what Subaru has done with their revamped Legacy.

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