Ducati and Lamborghini team up on limited Diavel 1260 livery

More carbon, gold, and Lambo flair, a special edition Diavel limited to 630 units.

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Some collaborations just make sense, and this is one of them between Italians Ducati and Lamborghini. The first time these storied brands have produced a joint motorcycle, the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is a bike livery with the forged rims inspired by and colours from the 819-hp Siàn FKP 37 supercar — the most powerful Lambo to hit the streets. The stock 2021 Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a naked sport bike with the ergonomics of a muscle cruiser — none of this appear to be different on this lively, still keeping the 159-HP Testastretta DVT 1262 engine intact. But this special edition limited to only 630 samples adds a few extra touches, including gold at the frame, seat tail and the forged rims. Lamborghini’s distinct hexagon and the “Y” motif also find their way on this Ducati’s exhaust and seat. Carbon fibre replaces a long list of parts as well, from air intakes and the central tank cover to the silencer cover, spoiler, dashboard cover and headlight frame. Of course, there are other small nice-to-have touches, like Ducati-Lamborghini logos popping up on the dashboard with the TFT screen upon turning the ignition, and a special matching helmet exclusive to this bike. The Diavel 2021 lineup also adds a new Dark Stealth model to the family, but this Lamborghini-inspired version is next level. And so is the price: The Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini hits dealerships January 2021 priced at $31,995 and C$34,990 in the US and Canada, respectively.