Highline Jacket: Aether’s Ultimate Road Coat

Aether’s most insulated jacket to date, the city-styled Highline is designed to keep you warm during the deep freeze of winter.

The Highline jacket by Aether is the perfect solution for winter. It’s a low-profile and slim jacket that delivers a surprising amount of warmth. It can be worn simply as a jacket or double as an extra layer for those sub-zero nights.

You’ll feel protected from the elements from the 300 grams of Primaloft insulation in the Highline. The exterior is composed of water-resistant microfiber fabric; the inside is made of soft micro-fiber nylon.

It essentially has all the warmth of a puffer jacket without the bulk. Which means it can remain form fitting while providing you with great heat retention. There are two uniquely designed front pockets that provide multiple storage options. Along with additional storage options in the exterior chest pocket as well as the interior pockets.

So if being warm and fashionable appeal to you then the Highline jacket is the perfect investment for you. No more having to try and flatten your jacket because it’s too puffy or worry about the way it makes you look. Aether has designed the Highline to both keep you warm and protected while flattering your figure as well.

Still priced at $495.00 available in black or dark blue. Hit up Aether’s site to learn more. 






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