Cadillac wants to change car buying in a digital world and it’s about time

First of its kind in North America, Cadillac Live’s interactive digital showroom connects shoppers with Live Agents without leaving home

Let’s face it, it’s uncomfortable walking into a dealer showroom with pushy salespeople lurking around when all you want is to look around. Maybe ask a few product questions. 

Cadillac gets this, and they understand luxury shoppers in particular value their time above all else. They also get that an increasing number of new car buyers start their journey exclusively online – and in the digital world, more and more if brands can’t answers pre-sales questions at this point in the sales funnel, there’s a huge price to pay, literally. 

Why? Because today’s shoppers with open wallets will jump ship and move on in no time.

As Cadillac Canada’s managing director puts it, “Today’s luxury consumers are increasingly time-starved and more discerning than ever…What if someone offered an experience that combines convenience and accessibility with a high level of personalization? That’s exactly what Cadillac Live is.”

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What is Cadillac Live and how does it work?

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Essentially, Cadillac is rolling out a highly personalized buying experience that’s part personal shopper, part interactive digital showroom – a North American first currently available in Canada only at 

A Cadillac Live Agent providing a walk-around of the 2019 Cadillac Escalade
Every Live Agent is equipped with an iPhone X, Osmo Mobile gimbal and Bluetooth headset, providing two-way audio and one-way live video. Photo: Cadillac

One-on-one consultation with Live Agent and app interface

In addition to walking around the 10,000-square foot showroom to view the current inventory of 10 new Cadillac vehicles, consumers speak to Live Agents. No, not robots but real, trained people answering real questions, providing one-on-one service without the dreaded, generic FAQ page. 

An app interface lets agents share any colour, wheel, and accessory option that piques a customer’s interest while communicating via two-way audio and one-way live video.  

Similar to a brick and mortar shop, access to agents falls within hours of operation Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. EST. Otherwise, customers can book a Cadillac Live session at a later time or date.

No agent, no problem

For those just looking to browse without consultation (or drop by outside operating hours), users are able to watch detailed overviews of their desired vehicles from the first-person perspective of a Live Agent, with hotspot overlays and voiceover to communicate key style, technology and performance features, and real-world consumer benefits.

Learn more at Cadillac Live site here.

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