Road Gear: Defender Multi Tool

Simple and functional

Crack open that beer or check your tire thread in style. The Defender Multi Tool is definitely one of the sweetest little compact accessories we’ve come across — it’s super simple and you don’t need to be fan of the iconic off-roader to appreciate its distinct novelty and style.

Stainless steel with a convenient flat design, the Defender-shaped multi tool features 11 tools in one that’ll come in handy for those long road trips. From a range of spanners for when you forgot to pack that wrench set to checking tire thread with the simple built in gauge, this thing has the essentials.

It’s not like Land Rover is reinventing the multi tool or anything, but that’s not the point. Most of us won’t own a Defender anytime soon but this might be the closest you’ll get. It also opens beer bottles. Did we mention that?

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The rear ‘hitch’ is a cutter and those round wheels? An M5 and M10 screwdriver. And that rear window, yes, is the bottle opener. Stores in a nice little suede leather pouch for that extra touch of class.

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The Defender Multi Tool sells for about $16 (£12.00, to be exact), sold directly by Land Rover at their online shop.

Defender Multi Tool with pouch

Defender Multi Tool depth

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