Footloose 4×4 Land Rover Sherazee: Home Away From Home

Home on wheels ready for any adventure

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Land Rovers have forever been known to be great expedition vehicles (in particular, the iconic Defender), and the Land Rover Footloose 4×4 Sherazee is no exception. A Land Rover 130 Chassis with an RV type back end, this vehicle will likely take you and your family on some great camping adventures. The Footloose 4×4 Sherazee can sleep four, has a restroom and a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator.  It truly is like a little home away from home. Footloose will also customize the 4×4 Sherazee to your exact specifications and needs. The Land Rover Footloose 4×4 is 3.5 tons when it leaves the showroom floor; water and waste water are located underneath the back portion as well as the cupboards being very low to help keep the vehicle stable. The option of a water purifier and/or solar panels is also available.  This unique expedition vehicle is totally customizable so depending on what you need and the vehicle you want to place it on, the prices vary greatly.

Footloose 4x4 Land Rover Sherazee top view

Footloose 4x4 Land Rover Sherazee inside back