APEX Aluminum Wallet: Drivers Can Say Goodbye to Bent Cards

Effortlessly stylish yet functional, the APEX Aluminum Wallet is resistant to bending and magnetism

If you have been looking for a unique wallet that is simple to use then the APEX Aluminum Wallet may fit the bill. It is the product of MSTRMND Collective, a brand known for its well-designed wallets.

A Minimal Design Made of Strong Material

The APEX Aluminum Wallet is made out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and is designed to be able to carry up to seven cards and a few bills. When full it can end up being around the same thickness as an iPhone all while looking effortlessly cool.

Extra Features for an Easier Experience

A great feature of the APEX Aluminum Wallet is that it is also RFID resistant so you don’t have to worry about the information on your cards being stolen. You can order the APEX in whatever color you want and you can choose to have it designed with a horizontal or vertical orientation. The APEX’s QuickSwipe thumb slot feature lets you easily pull out any cards or cash you need.

Due to its small size and simple design the APEX Aluminum Wallet fits comfortable in anyone’s back pocket without you even noticing it when you sit down. Resistant to bending and magnetism the APEX Wallet is the perfect accessory. This wallet sells for US$22 on Kickstarter.

apex-aluminum-wallets apex-aluminum-wallet

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