The 1965 Chrysler Imperial Green Hornet Black Beauty Up for Sale

Machine Guns & Missiles Included, the famous 1965 Chrysler Imperial goes up for auction

Remember the movie Green Hornet from 2011? If not, you’ll definitely recall the car — 1965 Chrysler Imperial, built by Dennis McCarthy of Vehicle Effects in California. Only two hero cars remain from the production, including this screen-used Black Beauty. Featuring the original 413 engine with 71,421 miles, only this Black Beauty comes with it original headliner and black leather seats.

No, the 1965 Chrysler Imperial was never sold with missiles and machine guns. This version finds two hood-mounted Browning .30 cal machine guns (which when hooked up to a propane tank fired flames through the barrel to simulate gunfire), 12 Stinger missiles to the front and rear bumper, a flame-thrower mounted to the front grill, beanbag launchers and shotgun barrels to the front, a revolving rear license plate (which flips to “Hornet” by pushing a button on the keychain remote), and painted green headlights.

Other modifications include ‘butterfly doors’ with simulated shotgun barrel stickers, 20″ wheels, the working light-up interior console labeled in Chinese, a hidden button in the trunk which automatically releases the locking mechanism, the instantly-recognizable Green Hornet emblem on the trunk, and an embossed Green Hornet trunk interior with a Sony stereo system (Sony produced the film).

The Green Hornet Black Beauty will be auctioned next week by Massachusetts based RR Auction.

1965 Chrysler Imperial Green Hornet Black Beauty profile

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