Hot Wheels X Tesla Cybertruck Collaboration

Two sizes shipping December 2020

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Mattel is bringing the new Bladerunner-inspired Cybertruck to market even before Tesla does. Well, sort of. The Hot Wheels-branded R/C Cybertrucks will come in two versions including a $20 1:64 scale model and a larger $400 1:10 scale model — the latter of which has evidently sold out already in pre-order sales with plans to ship sometime mid-December 2020. The smaller version is nice but it’s the the larger 1:10 model we wish was still available, featuring functioning headlights and taillights, a Tonneau cover, and telescopic tailgate that folds out into loading ramp. The interior of this mini cyberpunk truck is revealed with a removable plastic body which also provides access to the internal battery and drivetrain system. Plus, with all-wheel drive featuring Chill or Sport modes, you know Musk’s design team is grinning ear to ear. Best part? Hot Wheels is throwing in a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker for good measure. Powering the futuristic truck is a 9.9V, 3300mAh, rechargeable battery offering 1:1 charge/run time. Typically, it’s the toy company that reveals progressive, outlandish designs — but Tesla has flipped the script here, and nobody should be surprised. Again, the 1:10 scale RC Cybertruck is sold out, but at time of writing, the 1:64 is still available for preorders.