Insta Grammer Cars: New Book Showcasing Unknown Photographers with Awesome Car Quotes

This might be your (only) chance to get published.

Instagram sees over 80 million new photos posted everyday. If you’re one of those contributors sharing car photos, well, you might just get your shot published in Lannoo Publisher’s latest book: Insta Grammar Cars.

This unique book offers 128 pages of hand-picked Instagram photos accompanied by inspirational quotes. As The Independent appropriately puts it, “Meet the stars of Instagram: the most famous people you’ve never heard of.”

In contrast to the glossy, high-impact automotive photos we’ve become familiar with, Instagram has opened up a whole new platform for budding shooters to casually share their work to literally everyone on the popular social channel. Insta Grammar Cars takes this to another level with a beautifully designed paperback book.

If cars aren’t your thing, the publisher offers a whole series including Cats, Green, Unicorn, and City, to name a few. Cars, Cats and Unicorns? Why not. 

Pick one up at Amazon for $17.95, available June 29, 2018.

insta grammer cars book

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