Led Lenser P7.2 LED Flashlight Showcase

Light in the hands and compact, we look at Led Lenser’s updated P7.2 LED flashlight

If you’re like me, the only serious flashlights around growing up took 4 D-size batteries, weighted a ton, and definitely didn’t stow in the kitchen drawer.

But those days are long over. Brands like Led Lenser – a leader in LED light manufacturing with more than 200 patents and awards for design and engineering –  have taken the good old flashlight to completely new levels, for both household tasks to outdoor adventures.

Leading the charge is the P7.2 – one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today. And this model gets some updated technology and features.

The P7.2’s main highlights include rapid focus, dynamic switch, battery cartridge, gold-plated contacts, and a robust aircraft-grade metal casing.

Advanced Focus System

However, it’s Led Lenser’s patented Advanced Focus System that sets their products apart; and the only company in the world offering this AFS feature.

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Basically, it’s a system that combines a reflector and lens together in one optic.

Flashlights typically have a lens or reflector setup, where the former is great for up-close illumination, working well for everyday situations say around the house. But it doesn’t cut it for long-distance objects. Reflectors can cast light further away, working well in the outdoors. Up-close, however, you get those rings and holes.

led lenser p7.2 flashlight review amee reehal

The AFS in the P7.2,  you guessed it, handles both near and far duties with ease, providing capable light spill for up-close objects and sharp beams for further away.

End of the day, this equates to a better quality of light providing a maximum 320 lumens with maximum 260m cast, and minimum 40 lumens at minimum 100m.

Small & Super light

Looks alone, the P7.2 appears like a heavy, durable little flashlight. While it’s definitely durable, it is extremely and deceivingly light, making a nice travel companion that won’t take up weight or size, coming in at only 175grams and measuring 13cm in length.

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And no more D-size batteries – this flashlight only requires 4 AAAs housed and organized in a handy cartridge.


Overall, the Led Lenser P7.2 offers the ideal combination of size, power, reliability and easy-to-use operation for campers, hunters, hikers, or just walking the dog around the block. It weights next to nothing, will sit in your compact drawer or vehicle glove box without hogging space, and offers the quality of light you’d expect from a premium flashlight.

At US$70, the P7.2 is unlikely the flashlight most will turn to when less-expensive models will do the trick for those everyday or emergency situations (“Hey dad, the lights are out, where’s the flashlight?!” or “I dropped my lego behind the bed…where’s the flashlight?!”).

But Led Lenser is a premium brand targeting those looking for a top-quality, uncompromising product that will last. And backed by Leatherman, there’s no reason to question it.  

Learn more about the P7.2 here.

led lenser p7.2 flashlight review amee reehal


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